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Starting Point

I am a simple teacher with plain (yet grand) ideas…I adhere to the KISS principal (Keep It Simple Sweetie!).

People are always clammering about what their rights are.  Whether it involves takings turns  for the swings at recess, whose rights are trampled are in a job search, or the establishment of borders between countries… it is a non-ending battle for everyone to assert/claim what rights are due to them.  I simply do not enjoy listening to anyone whine (child, politician, or activist).

For years, I have pondered how one determines what our rights really are. Sometimes the investment in obtaining our rights is easy; other times, it is difficult, unpleasant, and a time-delayed process.  

As I school teacher, I have been bombarded with the Three “Rs” for years. Finally, I’ve decided it is really quite simple for children and adults alike. This simple equation ~ what these Three Rs really are for all citizens – is as follows:

Respect + Responsibility = Rights

Our current math topic in second grade is about using turn around facts, so…we could reverse this simple equation.

Rights= Responsibility + Respect

It’s really very simple and fundamental for students and adults alike. If you want to have the Rights you feel are deserved to you, you must take care of your Responsibilities in a Respectful manner. Whether it’s cleaning up your supplies after a project, paying your taxes, voting, or protecting the environment… you simply must put forth the effort in order to reap the rewards.

Simple enough…‘Nuff said!